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So how hard is the Ravensburger Krypt puzzle, really?

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It's finally the day where I'm taking on the single-color Ravensburger Krypt puzzle!
Get this puzzle on Amazon (aflink): https://amzn.to/2O2Eg96

Get the puzzle in gold (aflink): https://amzn.to/2Yd2iSG
Get the puzzle in black (aflink): https://amzn.to/2SlbRcT

Watch my review of a normal Ravensburger puzzle:

Watch my video of how to paint a custom puzzle:

Watch my Areaware gradient puzzle review:


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Karen Puzzles : I did the Ravensburger Krypt puzzle so you don't have to Unless it's your favorite type of puzzle - then click the links in the description to get one for yourself!

Have you ever done this puzzle or a similar one?
hfsaid : WOW! SILVER - not for me. Good job!
Xandi : I really dont do puzzles but i wanna try this one...good or bad idea? :)
Melissa Castle : Wow
rainbowroad the killjoy : The death star called, it wants it's puzzle back.
Chris Henick : Not going to lie, if solving puzzles is your gig it's kind of a disappointment if you cheat I know these puzzles can take like 30 plus hours but don't you think that would have made the video so much better if you solved it on your own? I mean you complained about this being the second hardest thing you've ever done and you had the key in front of you... Great looking puzzle though.
El Toronjita : what's the point of doing a puzzle if you are going to use the cheat sheet from the beginning??
KiD DvS : Karen how come you didn't tell us more about your friend who came over for brunch, thats not cool bro
HunnanTV : I guess they put it in the envelope so you can "proof" that you didn't use it.
Alyssa Marsh : Silver ❤️

The World's Largest Disney Puzzle - 40,320 Piece Puzzle by Ravensburger

Are you ready to assemble the biggest puzzle in the world? Guinness World Records confirms that this Ravensburger puzzle is the largest commercially available Disney puzzle in the world, in both number of pieces and puzzle size.

This giant puzzle features 10 hand-drawn scenes from iconic Disney films including Snow White, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. Each scene is framed by a film strip indicating the film’s year of release and depicting scenes from each movie.

Instructions include helpful hints for assembling the puzzle and a reference guide. Special Feature: a Mickey Mouse symbol is hidden in each of the 10 scenes!

Content: 10 unforgettable scenes from classic Disney films in individual bags of 4,032 pieces
Ages: 14-99
Puzzle Size: 22' wide by 6' high
Puzzle Time: 600+ hours
Moyster : Just pour all the sections together and have fun
TheLerkaCom :
RTR in VA : I've wanted to do this puzzle for years, and finally had an excuse due to COVID-19 lockdown. Though to spread some Disney joy to other families in lockdown, have 9 other families taking section.
Mauricio Astudillo : May you please donate one, so I will put it together and give it to the Child Cancer Hospital in my country????
longstarbobandy : 44 pound box holy crap!
TapEd :
Cate Rush : where would you put it? its too big!
Tamra Phelps : Now that would be a challenge!
Ma Elena Orellana Palma :
nejnej00 : Then its just bascially 10 big 4k puzzles put togheter, since all the different pictures are in seperate bags.

Ravensburger Puzzle: Puzzle-Conserver Permanent

Ravensburger Puzzle-Conserver Permanent

Der Puzzle-Conserver Permanent ist ein Spezialkleber für Ravensburger Puzzles. Mit Hilfe des Puzzle Conservers lassen sich Puzzles fixieren, stellen und aufhängen. Das Puzzlebild wird versiegelt und bewahrt damit seine Farbbrillanz dauerhaft. Der flüssige Kleber ist sofort einsatzbereit und wird direkt aus der Flasche mit einem Verteilerschwamm auf die Bildoberfläche aufgetragen und gleichmäßig verteilt. Nach nur einer Stunde ist der Conserver schleierfrei getrocknet.

Mehr Informationen unter: https://www.ravensburger.de/produkte/puzzle/puzzlezubehoer/puzzle-conserver-permanent-17954/index.html


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