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The TM 1000 setup

Hello again, here with my mate Kyle doing a quick setup of his new TM 1000 what a cracking bit of kit that is. The weather was crap as always so we were indoors at Petes Farm. Hope you lot like it and comment below if you have a question for me.
Hajimoto Productions : Very nice kit with equally good shooting.
Looking forward more

Updated video on how to hook up Spektrum TM1000 telemetry module

This is my updated video on how to properly hook up the TM1000 telemetry module. In my other 'How To' video I hooked up the telemetry unit wrong and fried it. \r
You can check that video out on my channel, or here at\r
Check out my RC Blog at
John Campbell : Good video..... Just looking at it from a Safety Standpoint, Iike to Remove my Prop or Disconnect the ESC and use a Separate BEC for Binding and Programming... Being a friend of Murphy and working in the Airline Industry for years, Safety is paramount. I know that Prop is not going to take off, but in the right failure, people can really get hurt.
TROU BAYLISS : X BUS port .... there is only one X BUS port . any other sensors are daisey chained into this one port ... 6 hours of searching .. good old rc groups
gsansoucie : Not sure I'd recommend leaving the prop on when binding like you did in such close proximity to it. These things will destroy fingers, wrists, and heads (you bent over at one point to turn on the transmitter after you'd applied voltage to the plane).
Jim . Hargett : Nicely done!
vineeth philip : great Video...Thanks for sharing this Is your receiver AR9020 ?
Grill N Gill : For Roee make sure your +signal - wire coming from t1000 to your RX is correct.  If it is reversed and then you plug in the volt telemetry signal wire and it can only go in one way it will do that.    So in a nut shell all wires going into the RX have to be correct + and - from the data port on the t1000 to the bind/data port on the RX if not it will want to go into bind mode or just not work correctly every time.
Liam Flood : anyway great video I will subscribe!:)
Liam Flood : can I use a e-flite reciver? also can I use a dx6i? will it still work?
imran husein : I had the same issue as you, where i burnt out the module by plugging in the voltage sensor to RPM
TheRoggan123 : Thanks for the helpfull video! I was actually looking to buy a telemetry module to use in my Yak 54! :-) Was not expecting to get that detailed information to the specific plane!

I actually bought to TM1000, one for my Goblin 500 heli and one for the Yak54 I have ordered which is in transit since last week. Cant wait to get it here and do my maiden flight with it! (my first model plane)

Binding Spektrum Receiver & TM1000

Quick and easy way to bind your Rx and TM1000 using a Y harness, this method is easy and simple to do when you're alone and only have two hands which can be tricky when trying to bind using the TM1000's Bind Button and Stylus.

If you like what you see here please subscribe to my YOuTube channel and make sure to check out my new Website.
epoweredrc : So no need to push the bind button on the TM1000 doing it this way? I am new to telemetry getting my first Tm1000 next week so looking for all info i can find. Thanks
TRUONG T. : Thanks a lot, it's really help.
Syltcam : great simple idea! thanks!
britishairtours : great tip, I have always struggled doing it, many thanks
Futterama : Thanks for the tip, I had trouble keeping the bind button on the TM1000 pressed good enough for it to properly bind, this trick helped me a lot :-)
wittenbergeric : Wow, that make binding so easy...thank You Much
Gene Deyoung : Great video, thanks for the info.Well explained and it works great!
Colin O'Halloran : boom!!! quick, easy and too the point. the way every YouTube video should be. thanks
Anonymous : Thanks a lot, exactly what I was after. Simple yet effective for what I needed.
J Garcia : quick question:
how important is my antenna on my AR8000 if I am also running a satelite reciever?
My antenna has been pinched off in a crash...




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